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Pte General is designed in such a way as to make it easier for people of different ages to learn English.

The uniform structure of the examination and the smoothly organized and evolving course of knowledge make it easier to move from one level to another.

The familiarity acquired by the students contributes positively to a better understanding of the material and the use of the English language.

Αναγνωρισμένο από Ofqual, SQA, DfES & CCEA / Αποδεκτό από ΑΣΕΠ

PTE General consists of two parts: the Written Exam, where the following skills are evaluated: Listening, Reading, Writing and an oral exam with a corresponding skill, the Speaking. The grading of the written examinations takes place directly in Great Britain while the oral examination takes place initially in Greece or Cyprus by highly trained examiners with long experience.

The final check is made in Great Britain. In case of failure, comments are provided to each examinee about their performance in the particular exam in order to improve by filling the gaps. The basis for passing the exam is considered to be 50% up to Level 4, while 60% is defined for the highest level, Level 5. Depending on the percentage achieved by each examinee, the degree also indicates his / her performance.

The PTE General they rely on everyday scenarios to allow students to express themselves freely demonstrating how well they can use and communicate in English. The topics are based on authentic and contemporary situations that students encounter in their daily lives. For this reason, the exams are based on realistic situations, and not on grammatical exercises. The renewed structure of the exam has been created in such a way as to make it shorter, but without affecting the quality of the students ' performance.

Also, it is possible to adjust the tests for cases Disabled people.


✌ Full set-off of all 4 Skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)

✌ Single format at all levels

✌ Fixed base at 50% for levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and 60% C2

✌ International recognition by public and private organizations and universities

✌ Excellent conditions for people with disabilities

✌ Plethora of preparation literature

✌ Reports are guided by default ideas

✌ Select one of two exhibition themes

✌ The oral exam is attended by a candidate

✌ There is no answer sheet. The candidate writes directly on the booklet

✌ Testing centers available all over Greece and Cyprus


There are six levels for the Pte general exam:

International Recognition

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